Course Outlines

How to be Found on the Internet (1 day)

The course covers the key principles of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how to set your website up to be found, tuning for keywords, then how to list with the 3 largest Search Engines and establish webmaster consoles for monitoring. Also covered are Google Dashboard, Google Analytics and how to set webmaster consoles in Yahoo and Bing webmaster search engine interfaces.

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How to Start an Online Business (1 day)

This course covers the key aspects to how to go about starting an online business from scratch. It covers the market research piece and aspects associated with building a website from how to choose your domain names and vendor to assist you with the website.

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WordPress Bootcamp (2 days)

This combined course was developed to provide a base level of knowledge in how to build a website using the WordPress Open Source content management system.

It covers the terminology that you need to understand before you embark on building a website and then goes in to a bit more depth about what systems are available and then covers the basics on how you set a website up using WordPress, the WordPress dashboard and how to get around the menu options.

We also cover themes and widgets and how to add and delete pages and edit content on your website.

This course covers both versions of WordPress, WordPress Hosted from and WordPress Self Hosted from

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